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Computer Parts For upgrade Ideas. - Jerame - 09-24-2014

Since the topic was hit on during a raid I thought I would start up a thread about this and what they get ranked in windows ranking.

I have on my system

i5-3750k window rates this as a 7.6/7.9

Video Card
750 ti windows rates this as a 7.7/7.9
windows also gives this a 3d graphic performance of 7.7/7.9

Hard drive
Samsung Pro 840 125mg SSD
WD 1TB 2nd drive This setup gives me a 7.9/7.9 disk transfer rate.


Skull Dual 4g sticks windows gives me a 7.9/7.9

This is just a start for people who are looking to upgrade there current systems. Also keep in mind that the windows ranking system changes over time with the release of new hardware. Also achieving a perfect score of 7.9/7.9 for an entire system will run you thousands of dollars. My system was for the more budget minded person.

RE: Computer Parts For upgrade Ideas. - Uthur - 12-18-2014

Its all about the CPU with WoW. I had a Phenom 965 that was great outside of 25M raiding (in 25man as most of the guild knows i got about 11FPS). My 4770K gives me 100FPS at super ultra setting on 1920*1200p. My brother does get better performance on his FX-8350, so dont worry about brand. I just upgraded from 2x6970 to a R9-290 PCS+ and saw a slight increase in WoW, but again this game is SPU hungry. In other games this card as a Mythical monster Smile