Requirements and Trial
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Requirements and Trial
Raid Requirements

In order to be seated for a raid, you must fit the minimum requirements. Please read up on your class on in order to be sure you are doing the right thing with your rotation, gemming, enchanting etc. Please feel free to ask an officer if you would like any help!

Trial Period: All new raiders undergo a trial period in which they are monitored and assessed before, during, and after raid. These trial raiders are ineligible to compete with veteran raiders for mainspec gear. This does not mean you will not win loot; you will just be at a lower priority in the loot system. e.g. Mainspec>You>Offspec>DE

The duration of trial periods are determined on a case by case basis, but they typically last 1-2 weeks. Once you have proven you are capable of meeting our standards you are promoted to rank of Raider and given unrestricted loot priority.

In order to raid with us you must have:

1. Boss Mods – Deadly Boss Mods, Voice Encounter Mods, Big Wigs, etc.

2. (De)Buff Manager – You need to be able to monitor procs and CDs while performing your optimal rotation. The default UI is not very good at this.

3. Voice Client – Be able to log in and listen on our Ventrilio server (no microphone required except for raid leaders and tanks)

Please note that through all of these requirements we assume that:

Everyone is appropriately geared for the content we are progressing in. Your gear needs to be fully gemmed and enchanted with stats optimal for your class, spec, and role.

All of your mods should be UP TO DATE and ready to go when invites start. It can take a while to update mods, and this is another thing that can make raids start late.
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