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Guild Rules
There are several facets of WoW that each player who joins a guild shares:

"Treat everyone the way you want to be treated.” This means respecting their opinions, even when you don’t agree. Understand that there are real people behind the characters, and that everyone has their own ideas, goals, and problems. This sounds cliche, but it is here for a reason.

Members must act like adults and in a respectable/professional manner at all times. Disagreements and problems are a fact of life, but it is up to every member to deal with them in the appropriate manner, to work to find solutions or to agree to disagree. Personal attacks in guild, vent, shouts, tells or other channels will not be tolerated. Perception is everything. Members must not tarnish the guilds reputation in anyway. This includes spamming items in cities, speaking to new players in a superior tone, etc... We were all noobs once.

We each 'pay to play'. Understanding that Blizzard makes their money from our subscriptions, we each have the right to play and have fun. We all have good days, and we all have bad days, but this game should be fun and allow us to take a break from the rigors of our real lives.

Along these lines, the guild will never force a player to respec their talent points. However, in order for us to progress through the content of the game, there are roles that need to be filled in raids. In order for us to be successful, we have to work as a team, so certain talent builds are favored over others. We just ask that members keep this in mind if they plan on actively raiding with the guild.

We each invest our personal time into this game. Many guilds take for granted that their players are real people, with real lives. Our leaders consist of folks who have jobs, families and understand the reality that this is just a game. We also understand that as the leaders of this guild, we have a commitment to provide leadership, structure and progression as members join guilds to band up with like-minded individuals with the desire to have fun and be successful.

We can't do this alone. Each member of the guild contributes to its overall success. As a team, we have to treat each other with the respect we expect to receive. Offering assistance and helping with constructive suggestions keeps things positive and fun.

We have no interest in players who join solely to gain loot, without being involved in the guild. We also have no interest in players who feel they are more valuable than the team. Everyone plays their part, and we are looking for individuals who are team players.

Success makes things fun. No one likes being stuck in a rut, not being able to progress. In order to be successful in raiding, we need communication, coordination and execution. The more efficient we are, as a team, the more we can accomplish.

Communication is the key. In order to raid with the guild, you must have Ventrilo. You don't need a microphone with Vent, but the ability to listen to the strategies can be the difference between success and failure. Wipes can be avoided, boss strategies can be adjusted and opportunities to turn a bad situation into something positive are all possibilities that can occur by the raid being on Ventrilo.

Coordination is built atop communication. End-game content must be managed in-game. You cannot simply rush through without working as a team, so understanding your role is vital. Strategies are developed and communicated to the team, with each subgroup (tanking, dps, healing) performing their roles. If we have to take extra time to ensure everyone understands what the plan is, we do that. An extra few minutes of preparation far outweigh rushing through content and wiping. Wipe recovery takes time and increases toon repair bills. Long-term success is our goal.

Execution is following orders, working together and carrying out the plan. Proper communication and coordination lead to successful execution. The amount of content you can conquer increases with higher success, which gives everyone the opportunity to gain gear, reputation and game experience.

Its always more fun when you are winning. We understand that. Our desire as a guild is to have active members who share in our goals and are willing to do their part to make them happen.
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